Escapes injury, but are these incidents on the rise?

A female cyclist has escaped serious injury when she was hit with a glass bottle thrown from a passing car in Essex.

Janet Curl was riding up Clingoe Hill in Colchester with her 14 year old son and her husband on 5.45pm on Saturday, when a passenger in a white hatchback hurled the beer bottle at her.

Essex police are appealing for witnesses, according to the Gazette.

Just three days ago we wrote about how Greater Manchester Police have launched an appeal after a cyclist was left unconscious and with facial wounds after being struck by an object, believed to be a brick or bottle, thrown at him from a passing car.

In August a man was left with multiple fractures after being shoved by a passenger in a car in Yorkshire.

Last year there was a spate of egg throwing at cyclists in East Sussex, and perhaps most extraordinary, in 2009 a 16 year old Student, Wu Dan, was the victim of a particularly unusual and grisly hazard, when he was injured by a corpse thrown from a speeding car.


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