SRAM launch Quickview computer mount

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There must be something in the air this week. No sooner had we published our roundup of alternative mounts for the Garmin Edge 200/500/800 GPS computers than SRAM released details of their own computer mount. It seems the computer mount battle is hotting up. Who'd have thought?

The Quickview Computer Mount uses a design similar to others on the market with an off-set clamp design that aligns the computer directly in front of the stem, thus clearing your handlebars/stem of clutter and placing the computer in a more forward position that is arguably easier to read when you're actually riding.

SRAM say the Quickview is compatible with computers with 1/4 turn twist lock interface and a 31.8mm bar surface. So that's the Garmin then, Bryton and Quarq power meter. The fact SRAM have sent us photos of the mount with a Garmin Edge 500 installed leads us to suspect it's clearly aimed at Garmin users... There are a lot of them about.

They've made it from a composite material with a single T25 stainless steel bolt clamping it in place, and it weighs just 20g. No details on a UK price just yet, (we've asked) but Garmin have released suggested Euro and Dollar prices of €18 and $20 respectively.