One of the few UCI-accredited events on the UK calendar gets revamped route for 2013

The Wiggle UCI MagnifiCat – one of a handful of UCI-accredited events on the UK sportive calendar – is accepting entries from today. The ride will head out from Newbury Racecourse on 14 July 2013.

Wiggle have been sponsoring the MagnifiCat for the last couple of years – in 2010 under the auspices of Verenti, their bike brand – but this year sees the ride welcomed into the Wiggle Super Series. Martin Barden from UK Cycling Events, who run the Super Series, said "we are delighted to add the Magnificat to our portfolio of events. The MagnifiCat is renowned for its quality and heritage with its UCI accreditation. Our aim is to further enhance the riders experience over the coming years making this great event even better".

Those enhancements start this year with a revamped route through the rolling Hampshire countryside, but the course distances of 127, 81 and 51 miles will remain broadly the same. The 26-mile Breeze LadyCat women-only route will also be back in 2013. You'll get all the usual trappings of a well-run sportive – chip timing, feed stations, route marking, mechanical support, event photography and more – and over 2,000 riders are expected in 2013.

Entries are open now at http://www.ukcyclingevents.co.uk/events/wiggle-magnificat-sportive - it's £28 for the longer two routes, £20 for the short one and £18 for the LadyCat. Early entries will get a High 5 Race Faster Pack worth £12, so if you've already pencilled it in then don't waste any time getting your name down...

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andyspaceman [254 posts] 5 years ago

What, exactly, does UCI accreditation mean in terms of a sportive?

I'm assuming we're not going to see the places snapped-up by a host of pro domestiques expecting to top-up their world-tour ranking points by posting a 'gold' time.

Is it a measure of the quality of the event? What are the criteria that have to be satisfied to get a sportive accredited by the lovely Mr McQuaid and his crew?

notfastenough [3728 posts] 5 years ago

And do we need to pay bundle for frames with that daft 'UCI approved' sticker on them?!  39

sean1 [177 posts] 5 years ago

I guess UCI accreditation means the event meets the requirements of the UCI for a cyclo-sportif, which you can read here ;


Nothing particularly special in there.

Gasman Jim [211 posts] 5 years ago

Presumably UCI accreditation means that a proportion of the participants should be taking PEDs while riding bikes which conform to the 3:1 maximum aspect ratio.