20 people made the grade this year, but who's top of the pile?...

Well that's it for another year - the 2011–2012 metric century season has drawn to a close and there's some familiar names at the top of the list.

It's noticeable that the number of rides to take the win was down on last year, a reflection perhaps of the lovely weather we've been having. Whereas last year it took 84 points to secure first place, this year the title goes to Blackhound with 66 points and 7748km, with last year's winner peter s 1944 just behind on 63 and jayme third on 50. So congrats to Blackhound who wins the Maillot Noir for the year, assuming we have one in his size... We'll see him right, anyhow.

Last year just six riders managed a century in every month of the year. This year the number completing the challenge has shot up, there were 20 riders out for a long one in every month, and no doubt observing rules #5 and #9 for extended periods. In no particular order (well, the order they posted on the forum thread), they are:

peter s 1944
Canis Cibo

You all win a pair of socks. Get in touch!

The prize for the most points in a single month goes to Martin - LeJogLe, who presumably didn't get off his bike at all in May when he managed to rack up an astonishing 28 points. So socks for him, too.

Final sockage goes to seanieh66 - he only managed two recorded rides, but one of them was a whopping 674km, the longest ride by anyone by a factor of two. Chapeau for that.

The 2012-2013 season is now open

Roll up for next season! The new Metric Century forum thread is open, so if you've already managed a 100km ride since halloween you can post it up. One 100km ride in every month gets you a pair of road.cc socks; not a prize worth the toil, really, but it's about the challenge, not what you can win. It's a gentleman's (and ladies') competition and you're only cheating yourself, so be honest now. 95km isn't a metric century, and nor is four hours on the turbo... Rides completed between halloween and now do count though. Good luck!


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