Proviz launch Nightrider range

Light-emitting triangle is interchangeable between the different products

by Mat Brett   November 2, 2012  


High visibility cycling accessory company Proviz have launched a collection of light-emitting cycling products called Nightrider.

The products are all designed to be worn with a Triviz attached. What’s a Triviz? Hold your horses, we’re coming to that… It’s a battery-powered light-emitting warning triangle that can be swapped between the different products in the range.

This flexibility means you can choose which accessory or item of clothing you want be to be illuminated. So, if one day you need to carry some luggage, the Triviz can be attached to the Proviz rucksack. If the next day you want to ride without a bag, then the Triviz can be attached to a Proviz jacket instead.

It is fixed in place each time with extra strength Velcro. When the Triviz isn’t in use, a silver reflective triangle is attached to the product instead.

The Triviz is made using the same electroluminescent technology as existing products in the Proviz line-up. The electroluminescent strips around the outside of the Triviz create a flashing or constant blue light source to make you stand out in traffic.

The Triviz retails separately at £34.99. It comes with the USB lead you need for recharging.

The Triviz is compatible with cycling jackets in fluorescent yellow, pink and black (£59.99), large fluorescent yellow and black rucksacks (£39.99) and smaller rucksacks (£29.99), fluorescent yellow messenger bags (£44.99), fluorescent yellow rucksack covers (£23.49), and orange vests (£23.49).

“We have made some significant changes to the way our lighting system works as a result of listening to the feedback from our retailers,” said Proviz Managing Director Rupert Langly-Smith. “The highly distinguishable electric-blue colour emitted by the Triviz light pack will make you highly visible in all circumstances.”

For more info go to or the UK distributor

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It would be interesting to see how bright this really looks in in the flesh. I don't suppose they've sent you one to test on the commute have they? The photos on their website don't really show how this looks on a rider amongst traffic. Though I love the idea of the light emitting triangle, £35 is a lot to shell out (for a skint fella like me) if it ain't gonna light me up good and proper.

posted by partsandlabour [33 posts]
2nd November 2012 - 21:46

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