Cupboard raid schwag - we have a winner!

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True to form we're a little bit late picking a schwag winner. just a little bit late....

Anyway we've fired up the random-o-tron and done some mission impossible style swoopy movements to pick a number out of the virtual magic hat. and the winner is... Shwa! which is weird, cause that sounds a lot like schwag.

Anyways, more free stuff coming. Stuff you'll like. Stay tuned.


It's been a while, but schwag grab is back! The cupboard full of old stuff and duplicate bits and such is bulging, so we'll be clearing it out in schwag-sized portions until we've freed up some space.

What can you win this week? Well, there's a Bell Piston helmet, a Knog Blinder front light, some For Goodness Shakes recovery drinks and a bottle, some Nectar gel sachets, a Cyclefilm DVD, some Freedom track grips and a Frameforum tee from 2009.

Want the lot? all you have to do is comment below and you're in the hat. Usual schwag grab rules apply. We'll pick a winner on Monday, assuming we don't forget. Regular schwaggers will know that we generally do.