Top end road and MTB bikes among those taken from a lorry outside Trek HQ in Milton Kenynes

If you're offered a cheap Trek bike in the next few weeks then be on your guard: a lorry carrying a shipment of 2013 Trek road and mountain bikes was broken into overnight on Friday night (October 26th) and a number of expensive bikes were among those taken.

The lorry was parked on the street outside of the Trek offices in Milton Keynes at the time of the theft. Over 100 bikes were stolen, and models taken include several sizes of the following:

Madone 3.5
Madone 4.7
Madone 5.9
Elite 8.8
Elite Carbon 9.6
Fuel EX 8
Remedy 9.8

"It's possible that stolen bikes will show up in stores for repair or build, or for sale on auction sites such as Ebay and Gumtree," Trek UK told us. "We have a list of serial numbers for verification."

Trek would like anyone with information regarding the stolen bikes, or who sees a stolen bike being offered for sale, to contact the office on 01908 360 160.

And before anyone posts a comment (too late - ed) about how Trek were asking for it by leaving a truck full of bikes outside the office: "it's in the contract with the shipper that trucks are not to be left on the street," they told us. "Drivers arriving early can park in an area covered by CCTV, or in a secure yard about 2 miles away."

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