Cyclist dies after being hit by second driver while exchanging details with first to collide with him

...and two men in a van 'steal' his bicycle

by Sarah Barth   October 28, 2012  

Broken bike (CC licensed image by garryknight,

A man who was exchanging insurance details with a driver after a collision was hit by a second driver - and later died in hospital from his injuries.

Stan Coates, 55, was riding near his home in Sunderland on Friday afternoon when he was involved in a collison with a car driven by a 24-year-old, who suffered minor injuries.

While Mr Coates was exchanging details with the first driver, he was hit by another. Both cars were Vauxhall Corsas.

According to the BBC, officers questioned the drivers, but no arrests were made.

Mr Coates was taken by Great North Air Ambulance to hospital in Middlesborough, but died later on.

Meanwhile, two men who claimed to know Mr Coates picked up his bike from the roadside - but have since gone missing with the bicycle.

The two men, in a grey Transit van, "looked as if they had just finished work", according to police, who are seeking witnesses.


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Hang on - "A man who was exchanging insurance details with a driver after a collision was hit by a second driver - and later died in hospital from his injuries." and no arrests were made? The second driver has to be facing charges of driving without due care and attention at the very least, or have the law completely given up on traffic policing?

posted by ratherbeintobago [32 posts]
28th October 2012 - 22:01


This story is doing the rounds now and I still have no idea exactly what has happened. Judging by the reports of the incident, no journalist has the full account of events, either.


posted by robert.brady [159 posts]
28th October 2012 - 22:11


Only a wee while behind my forum post Wink Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9364 posts]
28th October 2012 - 22:43


It'll be in the Daily Hate tomorrow and the drivers will be exonerated as the cyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the fatal impact and had not paid road tax.

My sympathies are with the family of the victim.


posted by OldRidgeback [2581 posts]
28th October 2012 - 22:45


Could you guys stick your journo hats on and get more details on this please because like Ratherbeintobago I can't believe there isn't at the very least a charge of undue care and attention.


posted by FATBEGGARONABIKE [734 posts]
29th October 2012 - 8:57


charge the chavs..

find the guys in the van and put a bullet in their brains!! Bloody disgusting!

the accident sad as it is, was an accident...the theft was intentional. What sort of person does that!

posted by quango2008 [36 posts]
29th October 2012 - 11:46


This beggars belief! Angry There is something very very wrong with some people in this country. I do hope this incident is not swept under the carpet as so many seem to be. These people need to be found, named and shamed.

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posted by cidermart [493 posts]
29th October 2012 - 12:55


Did someone in the government declare 'open season' on cyclists and just not tell us?

posted by Lacticlegs [124 posts]
29th October 2012 - 15:15


As far as the Police and the courts are concerned it's been open season on cyclists for years

Get out and ride

posted by davidtcycle [62 posts]
29th October 2012 - 18:52


The police still have the option of arrest and charge at a later date, let's hope that that's what's happening as the accident occurred on a a stretch of road that's straight section of road and a stationary car should have been clearly visible. How the original incident happened is a mystery, possibly a "sun in the eyes" defence as the sky was largely clear around the time of the incident Sad

The incident happened along this section of the road, by the markings on the road it was near the sign for Burdon further up the hill

posted by spen [126 posts]
29th October 2012 - 19:55


The bike has been returned ( I notice the report says no arrests have been made yet

posted by spen [126 posts]
30th October 2012 - 19:18