John Tiernan Locke and Kristian House to narrate as film that's "not just a pretty montage of the Tour of Britain"...

In the month since Benedict Campbell posted his first teaser vid about It ain't about Cav his behind the scenes look at the 2012 Tour of Britain it's grown from a 15 minute short in to a full blown hour long feature. You can see why from his fantastic second teaser video.

10 months in the planning, Benedict - himself a passionate cyclist who's racing career was ended by a teenage motorbike crash - went to the Tour intending to make "a short, beautifully shot film". After the first day he realised there was so much going on that he needed to shoot more - he had access to the teams before and after stages, could shoot from in-race motorbikes and jump in to race cars too.

Luckily he'd brought his daughter with him as a driver - and two cameras. "After the first day, I gave her one camera and she said I might as well shoot some stuff. I would jump in a car, on a bike, she would drive, then we would mix it up a bit".

The result, if the second teaser is anything to go by is a film that mixes the riders world inside the race bubble with the landscape and crowds they are moving through to dramatic effect.

IT AIN'T ABOUT CAV TEASER-2 from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

"Each stage has a slightly different angle to it. One stage is shot from a rider's point of view… Each day is a chapter, each chapter has a twist in it."

The film, which will have narration by Kristian House and the eventual winner John Tiernan Locke and Benedict says it works on a number of levels "so that someone who's not in to cycling can say 'wow' that's what it like, while someone who is in to it will see even more of what is going on - the rider's body language says a lot. This is not just a pretty montage of the ToB."

Benedict says he wants to release this film to as many people as possible - but at the moment he has no screenings lined up nor any distribution deals if you think you could help - get in touch with Benedict via his website www.benedict1.com

Oh, and is there a lot of Cav in it? "A fair amount - until I got bored of him".

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