BioLogic release updated BikeBrain iPhone app
New v2.3 version of the cycle computer app offers Bluetooth Smart connectivity

Urban cycling gear specialists BioLogic have announced the release of version 2.3 of their BikeBrain iPhone cycle computer app.

You can now connect a Bluetooth v4.0 (sold as Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready) heart rate sensor with your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 to keep track of your ride.

In addition, Bluetooth v4.0 speed and cadence sensors can now communicate with the newest upgrade. The app supports the pairing of up to two speed and cadence sensors for two different bikes, giving you the flexibility to collect data on your daily commute, say, as well as on a long weekend ride, without the hassle of reformatting.

BioLogic heart rate, speed and cadence sensors will be available from spring 2013 but standard sensors already on the market using Bluetooth 4.0 technology are also compatible with the upgrade. The additional functionality of connecting sensors allows you to auto start/pause/resume the recording of trip data when motion is detected.

BioLogic BikeBrain is a free app that’s available at the iTunes Store. The Sensor Compatibility update is available to buy as an in-app upgrade as part of the Training Module or as a bundle with BioLogic's Social Sharing and Data Enhancements Modules.

In addition to the latest app release, all users are able to create a profile and access user manuals on the newly launched www.BikeBrain.net. The website is designed to create a community for BikeBrain users to share information related to their BikeBrain experience through forum discussions and user-generated content.

And no, before you ask, there’s no Android version. We asked BioLogic about that and they told us that it is, of course, something they're thinking about, but it's easier said than done and there are no concrete plans at the moment.

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