Mudguard, baggage and pump lines all updated for next year

Think of SKS and you'll likely think of mudguards; after all their Chromoplastic 'guards are the benchmark for touring, Audax and commuting use. They make a whole bunch of other stuff too, though, and when we met up with them recently they were keen to show us some new products coming in for 2013. Some of them are mudguards. Let's have a look.

Spaero mini pump

Hoses, eh? We all did away with them when actually all we needed to do was make them a bit better, after all they're great for piling some pressure in to a tyre without ripping the valve off… Hose-equipped mini-pumps are now plentiful, and the Spaero has a neat pull-out hose with a screw-on head for both presta and schraeder valves. It's rated to 115psi and available in two builds; the alloy version weighs in at 110g and there's a Deep Black version with a plastic body that's just 93g

S-Blade mudguards

If you're looking for a quick solution for adding a rear mudguard to your road bike then they don't come much quicker than SKS' new S-Blade. It's a similar system to the X-Blade MTB 'guard; it attaches with a quick-release webbing strap to the seatpost of your bike. The mount should be pretty tolerant of different sizes and shapes of 'post, and the angle of the 'guard is adjustable so you can get it nice and close to the tyre to pick up the lion's share of the spray. It's light too, at just over 100g.

Energy bag

The energy bag is a top-tube-mounted bag; traditionally they've been the preserve of triathletes but they're becoming more and more popular with road riders too: it's a simple way of keeping your phone, keys and some food within easy reach. The SKS bag is stiff sided with a formed lid that overlaps the main compartment to seal the bag against the elements, and there's some reflective on there too for a bit of extra visibility at night. dimensions are 144mm x 53mm x 70mm with a capacity of half a litre.

SKS are also making some new frame bags too, for the front and rear of your main triangle. Both are velcro-mounted and have a 1.4l capacity.

Tool wrap

The new SKS tool wrap has a wealth of compartments inside for swallowing your various tools, and a zippered pocket for your cash and keys, or any tiny spares you don't want to be rummaging around for. Once everything is wrapped up you can bung it in your bag, or there's two straps that allow you to mount it to your bars or your frame. It's a good way to keep all your bits and bobs organised if you're going off on a longer ride or a tour, and weighs just 115g.

Velo Trekking mudguards

These mudguards are designed to fit a variety of bikes with wider tyres, and the simple mounting system means that you can sling them on and off in a hurry. They're stiff enough to use without stays, although if you're keeping them on for the winter you can fit the optional U-stays which attach to the frame eyelets and simply clip into the mudguard.

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