There's a brand new Pickwick backpack, some redesigns, and updated colour options...

Brooks are introducing a brand new backpack for 2013 and have redesigned many other products in their range. Here are some of the highlights…

The new Pickwick Backpack (main pic and above), made in Italy from water-resistant cotton and Brooks leather, will be available from December. It features two pockets that you can access while wearing the bag.

The bottom one is separate from the main compartment, the idea being that you can store your lock in there and have it easily reachable. The Pickwick will be priced at £180.

The Hampstead Holdall, which can be worn in a number of ways on and off the bike, has had a few minor changes for 2013, including an improved closing mechanism and a larger outer pocket. It’s still made from water-resistant cotton and Brooks leather, and is priced at £280.

The Islington Rucksack (£265) has been updated too and looks very different. Rather than a flap to cover the top, the body of the bag folds over and it’s secured by a new closing mechanism.

Brooks’ most popular bag, the Barbican Shoulder Bag (£230), returns in a couple of new colourways: moss with brown leather, and sand with cream leather.

The hard leather version of the Barbican (£300) comes in a natural leather version as well as black.

And if you really want to shell out, the Barbican Leather Luxury Limited Edition, which has been available for a few months. It’s made in Italy from ultra-soft leather and every bag has a unique inner pocket. The downside is that it’ll cost you £518.

The Brixton Tote and Shoulder Bag (£195) will also be available in the same two new colour options as the Barbican: moss with brown leather, and sand with cream leather.

The Eton Leather Satchel (£295), which is a redesign of a Brooks patent dating back to 1910, comes in a new colour option too. Previously it was just available in black but now there’s a cream coloured version as well. Shoulder straps allow you to wear it on your back while riding and there’s a handle for carrying it like a briefcase when you’re off the bike.

For more details on Brooks go to www.brooksengland.com or their distributor Extra.

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Nermaloids [11 posts] 5 years ago

Nice bags, shame about the prices!

martin [11 posts] 5 years ago

I think that Brooks are getting a little carried away with themselves

mingmong [301 posts] 5 years ago

 35 prices!

Lacticlegs [124 posts] 5 years ago

Yikes! They look lovely - but no bag is £200+ lovely!

Forget it - would rather use the freebie backpack i got when i joined the gym (said membership was also slightly cheaper than one of these bags!).

andrewcook [6 posts] 5 years ago

Just a few thoughts. Why a shame about the prices? Well designed and manufactured goods always command a premium. There is a coherence in this range that suggests a great deal of thought was lavished upon it. That kind of design work costs money and certainly should be reflected in the price. Complaining about price is so irrelevant when it comes to aspirational lifestyle goods. Why not just comment on the fact that they are good looking and leave it at that?

Why are Brooks getting carried away? Thats a disposable comment.

I disagree. Many bags are "£200+ lovely". It's all about the perceived value you place on the goods you buy. You were never in the market for something that is both functional AND beautiful so of course it doesn't make sense to you. it's not a criticism of you personally, just the attitude that if it's not something that is of interest to you it's not worth anything to anyone.

So much naysaying, it gets old really quickly. Why not be positive or keep it to yourself?

I'm sure i'll get ripped to bits for not being a curmudgeon and hating on expensive leather goods but thats of no consequence to me.