Cyclefit to host bike-fit classes
Learn the secrets of bike fitting at two-day courses

Cyclefit will be hosting bike-fitting classes over the winter at its HQ in Covent Garden, London. Cyclefit's directors Julian Wall and Philip Cavell and Cyclefit technician and physiotherapist Morgan Lloyd will be presenting the two-day courses.

Julian and Phil have been bike fitting for 10 years and each have 20 years’ experience in bike retail. They have also worked in conjunction with Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) and Trek UK's fit services.
Morgan Lloyd is a qualified physiotherapist so can give students a good understanding of how the body works on a bicycle.

There are five, two-day courses scheduled over the winter starting with the Cyclefit Course in November which is an introduction to bike fitting, anatomy and bike set-up.

Cyclefit Foot Dynamics concentrates on the foot/shoe/pedal interface and pedalling technique.

And Cyclefit's first Advanced Course in February covers subjects as wide ranging as custom bike frame design and cycling related injuries.

“After recent events in the cycle industry, Cyclefit is the only bike fitting system that is not owned by a bike or component manufacturer,” said Philip Cavell. “We can offer independent and unbiased high-quality training for the individual bike fitter, medical practitioner and bike shop employees who will be able to utilize their skills to ensure a cyclist is correctly set-up and riding properly on their bicycle'.

For more information or to reserve a place on one of Cyclefit's Courses call 020 7430 0083 or email info [at] cyclefit.co.uk.

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dmc [67 posts] 3 years ago

taken from their web site

The class is limited to eight students who will share two work stations.

The cost of The Cyclefit Course is £1,200.00 (inc. VAT)

Are they taking the p###  13 !!!!! or is that a typo ?

Tjuice [163 posts] 3 years ago

Pricing seems reasonable, on the assumption that you are training to become a fit technician.

Say you were able to then charge £100 for a fitting session, you only need to fit 12 people before you can recover the cost of the course.

Or maybe I've just got the wrong end of the stick, and for £1200, all you get is the ability to be more comfortable/faster on your own bike...

stumps [3138 posts] 3 years ago

Took my bike to one of the local shops and had it fitted to myself following knee surgery. I spent £100.00 and was there for over an hour whilst everyting was fitted to the minute detail even included getting my cleats put in the correct position.

After having it done the bike seemed like a new one. Well worth the money spent IMHO.

Not many shops i know offer it so if you get qualified there's a job almost waiting for you.