A bit of epic footage to brighten up a wet Monday morning...

So, the World Championships is over. Just the race of the falling leaves to go (erm, and the Tour of Beijing - ed) and that's pretty much it for the season. Outside it's cold and wet. It's getting dark earlier. What's to look forward to?

Next year's Giro, that's what! The Giro d'Italia PR machine has been leading the pack over the last few years and they've got a canny sense of timing. This morning we've all been treated to the very fine teaser vid below, full of pomp and epicness. "There is a story where bravery challenges the laws of nature, where men feed on effort and pride," we learn. "The past is not forgotten, but is the soul of a myth that has been passed on for over 100 years." Okay we don't actually learn anything about next year's race (although we do already know it's going for a summit finish on the Galibier) but it's pretty epic stuff, with lots of cracking footage from the race and a big orchestral soundtrack to get you in the mood. It's certainly brightened up our morning.

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