Early Day Motion has already been signed by 48 MPs

The CTC has joined British Cycling to call on MPs to support an early day motion (EDM) that calls for a review of the criminal justice system for those injured on the roads.

The EDM, tabled by MP Julian Huppert, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, asks that:

That this House... calls on the Ministry of Justice to review carefully the evidence they have submitted and undertake a comprehensive review of each part of the criminal justice system, from crash investigation standards through to sentencing guidelines, to ensure that it is fairer for cyclists, pedestrians and other road users who are hurt or seriously injured on the country's roads.

The EDM is based on a campaign by British Cycling that we reported on back in June, which called for a comprehensive sentencing review, following a number of recent cases in which motorists convicted in connection with the death of cyclists have received what many have viewed as lenient sentences.

The CTC has run a campaign, Stop SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You) to record the inadequacies in the way the criminal justice system treats cyclists who have been involved in road crashes.

Cyclists can tell of their experiences and campaign for fairer treatment and proportionate punishments for drivers at fault.

The CTC is now working with British Cycling and other organisations to call for a review of all aspects of the current criminal justice system.

British Cycling backed the EDM in July, based on evidence from its campaign page, 'Your bad driving stories'.

Now the CTC is on board too, and urges cyclists to check whether their MP has signed the EDM (at time of writing, 48 have signed - check here) and if not, write them a letter urging them to.

Not all MPs can sign EDMs, so it's worth checking whether yours is a minister or parliamentary private secretary, which would exclude them from signing. Find out who your MP is and write to them here.

An EDM is a formal request for a debate in Parliament. Few actually get debated, but their existence helps drum up media coverage of an issue and allows MPs to show their support for particular campaigns.

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malmesburyclarioncc [26 posts] 5 years ago

Interesting, not many Tory m.p. signatures. I wonder why?

antonio [1168 posts] 5 years ago

Job done, here's hoping.

mad_scot_rider [581 posts] 5 years ago

Well it's sent - but since I have a Labour MP, I only expect any action if he sees benefit for himself from it

paulfg42 [392 posts] 5 years ago

Well, my Labour MP signed it the day after I sent him an email about it and he thanked me for drawing his attention to it.

NeilXDavis [125 posts] 5 years ago

This needs the backing of some big names in the sport to raise its profile...Wiggo, Cav, Hoy etc. its the single most important issue for any cyclist today!....

lushmiester [196 posts] 5 years ago

Golly first foxes now cyclist those pinko cads are are taking all the fun out of life. What will I do with my fleet of range rovers now? The school run is no fun for them.

mintimperial [18 posts] 5 years ago

Well, I just emailed my Tory MP about this - he's actually a cyclist of sorts, and claims to have turned up to fight the our corner at debates on road safety and suchlike, so I was fairly hopeful of getting him to sign. Unfortunately it turns out he won't because he's campaigning to abolish Early Day Motions altogether!

If this is a widespread Tory policy then it would perhaps partly explain the abject lack of signatures from their side of the fence? (I'm not defending them here, I hasten to add, just offering an explanation.)

Recumbenteer [174 posts] 5 years ago

It's rather telling to look at the breakdown of the signatories of the EDM by party.
Conservative: 1 out of 298.
DUP: 4 out of 8
Independent: 1 out of 1
Labour: 27 out of 232
Lib-Dems: 11 out of 54
Respect: 1
SNP: 1 out of 6
SDLP: 2 out of 3
This may be out of date or incorrect, especially as I did it in a rush. Data extracted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Results_breakdown_of_the_United_Kingdom_gen...

I note that my MP, [CON], has not yet signed and I wrote to them ages ago, nor have I received anything but an emailed acknowledgement from the gofor.



jollygoodvelo [1694 posts] 4 years ago
Recumbenteer wrote:

I note that my MP, [CON], has not yet signed and I wrote to them ages ago, nor have I received anything but an emailed acknowledgement from the gofor.

So write to them again. Demand their attention.

I'll be writing to mine when I get home this evening.