Pat McQuaid looking for 'clarification on points which remain open'...

The UCI is still awaiting a file containing the US Anti-Doping Agency's findings on Lance Armstrong's doping charges, following their ruling last month that he should be banned for life and forfeit his results since 1998, including seven Tour de France titles won from 1999-2005.

The UCI President Pat McQuaid has confirmed that they still have not had the report, even though last month he confirmed that the UCI “does not intend to appeal” the sanctions.

“The dossier which USADA has certainly prepared will allow for clarification on points which remain open in this affair,” said McQuaid to thr AFP.

He added that one of those points was the issue of which agency has jurisdiction when it comes to sanctioning Armstrong.

Armstrong himself denies the allegations, although the USADA said as many as 10 witnesses are prepared to testify to the racer's drug use.

Armstrong has said that he he will not seek to clear his name however.


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