Who won what in the last Grand Tour of the year

Well that was an exciting Vuelta and no mistake. Plenty of incident, attacks and disasters, one of the most engaging Grand Tours in years. In Fantasy land, however, things were a lot more stable.

The Manx Missiles may not have got off to the brightest start but after a 164-point haul on stage three put them in the top thirty they stayed there for the rest of the race, working their way up to second and then first, where they sat for the whole of the final week, going two better than their third place in the Giro.. Their final total of 2629 was an average of over 125 a stage and 62 points better than lolagrao in second. Giro Winners Team Cairns were a further seven points back; just goes to show: some people are simply good at this stuff.

Prize-wise, non-premium lolagrao misses out, pushing Team Cairns up to second and Dag Otto Lauridsen onto the third podium place. That means it's user manxfelipe that wins a Pinnacle Evaporite Two 2012 Road Bike worth £1,499, the lucky pup. robacairns picks up a pair of Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team Shoes worth £249.99 and martinlaes snags a pair of Louis Garneau Futura XR Road Shoes worth £129.99.

In the purists league it was heartbreak for drheaton, with Loidis Pro Cycling initially taking the win only to be denied by a recalculation of Valverde's stage 20 points which handed the crown to Numbers Don't Lie with an excellent 2068 points, just three more than the second-placed team. So it's user statour that gets the purist schwag. maybe we'll find drheaton some socks or something by way of a consolation, after all it was us that messed up the socres...

The Manx Missiles are also top of the overall table, with 12,202 points and a 260-point cushion over Punctured in second. With only the World Champs and Il Lombardia left to count towards that compo, they're looking a shoo-in for the overall trophy (note to self: buy trophy).

Let's not forget our stage winners - they'll all be receiving a prize too. Following our complicated and rather dull countback procedures for the tied stages, we can announce these winners:

Stage 1: zixelis (zixelis)
Stage 2: maiarsa (saioarri)
Stage 3: spin cycle (spin cycle)
Stage 4: blub blub (blub blub)
Stage 5: loiola (errekarte)
Stage 6: dumbassgeeks (dooverylittle)
Stage 7: classic veterans (downhill_tailwind) on countback
Stage 8: Liquid Gold (Ronnie Massey)
Stage 9: Overshoes (Overshoes)
Stage 10: Team Emilito (cooper)
Stage 11: Wiggins Wheelers (mercer32) on countback
Stage 12: Why only punctures in the rain? (jayme)
Stage 13: Malc's Marvels (brockhurst5)
Stage 14: les theieres volantes (taustin789)
Stage 15: petiagos (petiagos)
Stage 16: Lindo's Whippets (danlindfield) on countback
Stage 17: space cowboy (space cowboy) on countback
Stage 18: kenny10 (kenny106) on countback
Stage 19: burtanimal (burtanimal)
Stage 20: Carlos' Contenders (carlgrz)
Stage 21: mas y mas (mas)

Thanks to everyone for playing! Don't forget, if you have any comments or suggestions for next season then you can have your say here.

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