We have a winner! Ultimate Schwag Grab! Win a Trek 7.3 FX worth £400*

Grab yourself a stylish commuting steed in our biggest Schwag Grab ever!

by Tony Farrelly   August 28, 2009  

Right, tiffin has been taken and the random number generator has done it's thing… it was a great ride while it lasted and we'll have to do it again VERY soon, but for now we have a winner… maci234 the bike is yours.

According to his profile maci234 doesn't have a bike at the moment either so the random number generator truly did it's work well, so long as you ride it, and we'll be checking. As soon as we get back from Eurobike it'll be going in a box and heading your way to Scotland. Enjoy it.


If you missed out, read on to see what you would have won had the random number generator picked you. A Trek FX 7.3 flat barred commuter guaranteed to get you around town and beyond in the finest of styles courtesy of some cool Bontrager finishing kit.

Our prize bike is a never been ridden** 20in model - so ideal for those from around average height to verging on the tall – 5ft 8in and up.

The usual rules apply with a couple of slight tweaks this time out, as ever simply comment below to enter - one comment per person thank you (anyone entering more than once will have all their entries deleted).

As this is a biggie the tweak is that we'll be keeping it open until Friday 28th OR until we have 399 comments (So tell your friends)  - the draw will be at tiffin time either on the Friday or when we hit the magic 399. 

The other tweak is that the prize is that we'll only post the prize to UK residents - anyone else can enter, but if you live anywhere else in the world you'll have to come and collect it yourself… we gotta eat y'know.

* Okay, £399.99

** Okay, Dave rode it up the hill

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oowww pretty pretty please, im keeping all my fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed to win this bike & yes i know i look a bit strange like this but it's just the price im going to have to pay for some good luck.

posted by samatherton85 [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 12:08


It would be really great to win this bike.

posted by ellams [3 posts]
27th August 2009 - 12:25


1 chance in 399? must be worth a go B)


posted by GuyR [10 posts]
27th August 2009 - 12:27


Big Grin Be cool to ride .... here I am! Wink

posted by Rob Darby [2 posts]
27th August 2009 - 13:21

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A new bike? Means I'd have to join Paul on the last leg of his Round Scotland etape. You read it here first Paul


posted by IainSGardner [2 posts]
27th August 2009 - 13:47


Wink please send it my way in need of a new bike

posted by Janet Taylor [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 13:59


Please put me in the draw to win. Currently doing 14 miles per weekday on a 20 year old Mountain bike which my parents bought me for Christmas when I was 10. It's now falling apart! Cheers

posted by coz [11 posts]
27th August 2009 - 14:01

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I would like to win...

posted by ma6jrp [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 14:23


count me in.

Nadine Payne

posted by bs9nmb [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 14:28


Ooooh, shiny,
Viva la Bike, Down with the automobile!

posted by Jaz_Allen [12 posts]
27th August 2009 - 14:41

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Count me in !

posted by Patrick1964 [35 posts]
27th August 2009 - 17:29


A bike for free can't be snuffed at can it, looks a good bit of kit too!!

posted by seasidejohn [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 17:34

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Chain's a bit slack.

posted by nick h. [34 posts]
27th August 2009 - 17:40


Nice. Count me in.

posted by BarryRoubaix [2 posts]
27th August 2009 - 17:48

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That's such a good prize! You chaps are ace. B)

posted by BigDummy [313 posts]
27th August 2009 - 18:03

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Wouldn't it be nice to whizz around on a freebie. That would bring a really big smile to cycling.

Ride hard and smile. Remember its supposed to be fun!!!

posted by burtonsno [2 posts]
27th August 2009 - 19:19


Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!

posted by Redrenojohn [9 posts]
27th August 2009 - 21:39


am i too late hope not

posted by moody mammoth [2 posts]
27th August 2009 - 21:57

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just rented one of these - nice bike


posted by aw100 [4 posts]
27th August 2009 - 22:01

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I want it.

posted by MSTURT [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 22:05

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This will get new hubby back on the road - great prize! B)

posted by kelliec [1 posts]
27th August 2009 - 23:13


This'll do now my broken rib's healed after my recent tree-hugging experience...

posted by kissmeraas [4 posts]
27th August 2009 - 23:56

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Go on then, count me in please!

posted by NigelL [31 posts]
28th August 2009 - 0:10


I need a winter bike to get me around. Please pick me Smile
Andrew Crying


posted by rawson452 [1 posts]
28th August 2009 - 1:19


and me..........


posted by jonboy [39 posts]
28th August 2009 - 7:35


Ooohh, Shiny Shiny, YES PLEASE Devil

posted by JohnInStockie [3 posts]
28th August 2009 - 8:59

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

Timbo13's picture

posted by Timbo13 [272 posts]
28th August 2009 - 10:05


Count me in... ideal number of bikes = n+1

posted by jonb [37 posts]
28th August 2009 - 14:47


Yay! Who says Scotland never wins anything? Big Grin

Simon_MacMichael's picture

posted by Simon_MacMichael [9300 posts]
28th August 2009 - 18:29


i didnt want it anyway Smile

posted by mrchrispy [396 posts]
1st September 2009 - 13:04

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