Pashley unveil two bikes with no names

Pashley aims for the commuter with their new Prototypes

by TR McGowran   September 1, 2012  

We like Pashley's approach to business, so focussed on getting their two prototype bikes built for Eurobike - they finished them the night before they left - that they forgot to give either a name!

Pashley are passionate about what they do and enjoy building bikes, by hand in Stratford upon avon, the marketing comes somewhere further down the line. In fact, they have yet to come up with a name for the new prototypes. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. We can imagine that Pashley have very good biscuits in their business meetings and maybe reclining chairs.

These new offerings are hand crafted using Reynolds 531 tubing and then lovingly fillet brazed and lugged which finishes the bikes off nicely. The frames show what these British fabricators are capable off, producing hansome bikes that last a life time.

The purists may shun this but Pashley have made a departure from Sturmey Archer for these early models and opted instead for Shimano Alfine 8-spd hub gears but Pashley are willing to make any changes that you might want so if it is a 3 speed Sturmey Archer you are craving, they will happily sort that out for you.

The frames are relaxed in their geometry and sport all the necessary eylets for mudguards and racks to be installed. The Reynolds 531 is a robust tubeset and helps keep the weight to a manageable level without requiring a hoist to mount the curb.
Everything is the usual Pashley quality with a nice attention to detail and built to be hard wearing. Pashley would very much like your feedback on these bikes so please comment and maybe offer a suggestion to what they could be called too, it could save them on biscuits.

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The black one is what I'd call a grandad bike.

The Pashley Grandad.

Really like it though, I have a thing for retro-modern and that is sweet.

posted by localsurfer [187 posts]
1st September 2012 - 20:34

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Only the other day I was admiring a 40 year old Raleigh Balmoral, and these bikes hint at the same pedigree.

Not sure about a Pashley Balmoral, and could be interesting if they were allowed to use the name Windsor, and presented one to William.

Castles could be a theme though with Warwick and Kenilworth being appropriate for Pashley location.

The bikes also hint of the sturdy solution that students in the oldest Universities embrace for transport perhaps the Magdelene for the diamond frame and the Girton for the step-through, keeping that hint of a link with the royal couple.

47 years of breaking bikes and still they offer me a 10 year frame warranty!

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posted by A V Lowe [560 posts]
1st September 2012 - 21:19

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How about the Saint Cloud or Cloud after the supposed first ever bike race (in a park by that name in Paris)and first ever British win. The name suggests nice relaxed riding but links to this summer of cycling success ( Pashley celibate British cycling with the ....) and intimates a proud biking history, without slapping you in the face with it, oh so British. If one wants to go the hole hog then a little leaflet explaining the name could be attached to each bike. Even more extreme get Lora Trott and Jason Kenny to launch the bikes but that is just a little OTT for my tastes

I have also always warned to see a bike names the 7th day this could abbreviated to the 7D or 7thD, again this suggest easy relaxed riding (due to its religious connotation) but is a chapeau to the original 6 day racers, no other form of bicycle racing has been outlawed/band on humanitarian grounds.

Whatever Pashley decide to call them their nice bikes and I wish every success with them


posted by lushmiester [165 posts]
2nd September 2012 - 12:52


Call the green one The Economist (due to its simplicity and how much money you will save riding it) and the black one The Vespertilio Mobile (bat mobile because its black, lol)

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posted by downfader [204 posts]
2nd September 2012 - 18:11

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Would look good on the Tweed Run,Pashley Tweed Cool

posted by Chris Deacon [154 posts]
3rd September 2012 - 20:41


localsurfer wrote:
The black one is what I'd call a grandad bike.

The Pashley Grandad.

Really like it though, I have a thing for retro-modern and that is sweet.

The Pashley Corbyn. Free vest with every purchase.

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posted by ConcordeCX [75 posts]
14th September 2015 - 22:21