Everyone wants a slice of the fixie action

SE bikes have a long heritage in the BMX market with design classics such as the PK Ripper but they're fairly new in the 700c fixed market, prototyping in 2007 and rolling out the range in 08. For 09 the beer-inspired range has three flavours: Draft, Lager and Premium. We suspect the £429 Lager will be the big seller in the main fixed markets, with its brash graphics and solid spec. For your cash you get a Cromoly frame and fork, Formula/Alex wheels with a flip-flop hub, FSA running gear and Tektro stoppers. All in weight is a claimed 21.5lb, so it's light enough to chuck about town without fear of it falling apart - all the kit is nice and solid. Brick Lane Bikes sell the most (unsurprisingly) but they're available in independent bike dealers throughout the UK.

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