Bits and bobs we saw in Ratzenreid, some of which may be a bit tangential...

There's always lots to see at the Eurobike Demo Day in Ratzenreid, just a short hop (or slightly longer bike ride) from the main show in Friedrichshafen. We had a go on all sorts of shiny bikes: The Look 675, the BMC Time Machine, that Colnago C59 disc… and there was lots more to see to, You'll read about all the bikes in good time, but here's some other bites and bobs we saw…

We saw quit a lot of this. Too much, in fact. X-Bionic were giving away free compression kit to anyone that wanted it, and many people did. We were hoping that that days of lime green were behind us after two years of nothing but. But it seems we might have to wait until 2013. Are those socks UCI-legal?

Eurobike is full of amazing and terrifying bikes. This Protobike features a double width Gates belt drive, a 500W hub motor, Pinion's 18-speed BB gearbox, inverted forks and a Brooks saddle, on some scaffolding. Plenty to talk about then.

We didn't have a go but Pinarello's Dogma 65.1 was at the Demo day, looking stealthy with a full Campag Super Record EPS build. More on that in the Italian bikes roundup.

Jo gets Europcar keyring. Jo does Tommy V face. Not much more to say about that one.

Remember Canyon's VCLS post? It's in two halves with a head section that's free to rotate, and Canyon claim it offers up to 20mm of compliance. Last year it was a proof-of-concept, this year it lives; it was fitted to an Ultimate CF bike that Mat swung a leg over, so we'll get his impressions in due course.

Busch and Muller had a new light system, the Luxos, which not only features a big 140-lux output from a dynamo source but also has a bar-mounted controller button which doubles as a USB port for charging all your gizmos.

They also had a neat USB battery and a neat smartphone holder that'll fit pretty much everything and keep it nice and safe, although we'd probably fit a lanyard too, for peace of mind.

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