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A cycle network named after Sir Chris Hoy in Edinburgh has been approved in principle by councillors, and meanwhile he is to be approached to become a public face of Better Together, the cross-party campaign group against an independent Scotland.

A network of segregated on-road cycle lanes, traffic-free paths and routes on less-trafficked roads to allow safe cycling throughout the city was proposed by Edinburgh's Green Party, and will now go before the council's transport committee for a report.

Earlier this month we reported how appetite had grown for such a network, fuelled by a redesign of Edinburgh's streets to accommodate trams.

Meanwhile the Labour Party campaign team against Scottish independence are said to have set their sights on Hoy as a poster boy for the movement after he spoke of his pride at being part of Team GB at the Olympics.

Labour sources have suggested Hoy has already been approached.

But a Better Together spokesman told the Mail on Sunday: "There are a number of people, including sporting figures, who will be approached about taking part in the campaign. It would not be fair to single out Chris Hoy."

Speaking after his emotional  triumph in London, Sir Chris said: : "I’m British. I’m Scottish and British. I think you can be both – they are not mutually exclusive."

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OldRidgeback [2855 posts] 5 years ago

Plenty of good cycling routes in Embra that could be incorporated into a cycling network. Certain key routes aren't very good for riding on two wheels and the old cobbles are 'interesting' in the wet but there are a lot of back streets with low vehicle traffic levels.

The tram fiasco has hlighted problems in the city for all road users. Anyone who has tried driving a car through the centre of town will be aware of the problem. It's enough to give anyone a meltdown and I don't know how the bus and taxi drivers manage. The council memebrs responsible for this hugely expensive mess should be ashamed. Embra has one of the bus networks in the UK, so why the tram was needed at all is open to question. A train link from the airport would've done the job just as easily and all it would've needed would be a spur from the main line to Turnhouse - not difficult to build either as it would've gone thru some manky brownfield/industrial areas at Ingliston.

Speaking as a Scot, I hope Hoy treats Alex Salmond and his drouthy cronies with the contempt they deserve. No prizes for spotting the literary reference.

Strathlubnaig [114 posts] 5 years ago

Thumbs up to creating cycle routes, though it should not take a weel kent sportsperson to get it done.
Thumbs down to the politicizing of the issue, creating cycle routes has eff all to do with Independence.
Hoy has already made his position clear though by accepting the ridiculous archaic knighthood moniker.