Just in: Mekk 3G Potenza SL5.5

Well-specced carbon-fibre bike from UK brand

by David Arthur   August 8, 2012  

Performance usually comes with a high price but Mekk are trying to challenge that. Their 3G Potenza SL5.5 packs a full carbon fibre frame and fork, Shimano Ultegra groupset and Ritchey components for an astonishing £1,699.99.

They call it 'Affordable Performance' and that's the driving force behind the company's range of bikes, which all look to offer really quite decent value. Of course, 'affordable' is always going to be relative and £1,700 is a lot of cash, but look at what you get here... 

Mekk recognise the frame and fork is the heart and soul of a bicycle and place emphasis on making sure they're well designed. And it shows. Designed in Italy, the SL5.5 we have here has a smart looking frame with smooth flowing lines and understated looks courtesy of matte black decals on a gloss black paint finish. 3K carbon fibre is used in the frame with a monocoque design. Forks are also made from the same carbon fibre with a tapered steerer tube, so you're getting a nice stiff front-end for responsive handling.

A slender top tube tapers in from the large head tube giving good knee clearance. The seat stays continue the small diameter trend with slim ovalised tubes, which bodes well for comfort, while the chainstays, in contrast, are deeply flared. The rear brake cable is routed internally through the top tube while the gear cables run under the down tube after passing through head tube mounted cable stops.

With a lot of money clearly tied up in the carbon frame and fork, it's impressive that Mekk have found enough spare cash to fit a Shimano Ultegra 10-speed groupset. Mekk offer the choice of a compact of standard chainset - we have the former on this bike. It pairs with an 11-25t cassette with a high quality KMC Silver chain tying the drivetrain together.

Okay, so the wheels aren't the top of the range, but the ICE hubs have sealed bearings and Mavic CXP 22 rims are bombproof. Continental 700X23C Ultra Sport complete the rolling package. The Ritchey stem, handlebars and post give the Mekk a boost of credibility.

To get Ultegra at this price something has to give, and it's the brakes; ICE brake callipers don't look a patch on Shimano's - but we'll see how they perform when we get this bike out on the road.

Mekk offer six sizes. This is the 56cm. The head tube measures a rangy 20cm, which raises the handlebar height a lot, so if you don't like to crouch too low on your bike then you're well catered for. I usually have to swap stems on test bikes - they're generally too short - so it's nice to see a 120mm option fitted to the Mekk

The Mekk isn't the lightest of bikes. With a 18.62lb (8.45kg) weight, it's giving away 2lb to a similar specced bike like the Pearson Hammerandtongs that we have in on test at the moment, We'll find out how this impacts on the performance when we take it out on the roads very soon.

Check out www.mekkbicycles.com for more info.

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I wish some of these value makers would build Campag variants for those of us who like pretty cranksets find the ergnomics better suited. Retail price of Ultegra is very, very close to Athena. Pretty please, manufacturers.

posted by steff [81 posts]
8th August 2012 - 10:32


Ribble Stealh (R872) - full 11-speed Athena (carbon cranks), Athena dual pivot brakes (F&B), Sirocco wheels, ITM carbon wrapped bar, stem, seatpost, full internal cable routing

Same price

Just sayin... Big Grin

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posted by andylul [416 posts]
8th August 2012 - 12:00


teff wrote:
I wish some of these value makers would build Campag variants for those of us who like pretty cranksets find the ergnomics better suited. Retail price of Ultegra is very, very close to Athena. Pretty please, manufacturers.

Canyon cf 8 - full Athena on carbon ~£1600 Big Grin


London2Paris24: 450km, 24 hours, 5th-6th July 2014

I will miss TdF in Yorskhire!!! Please donate! Big Grin

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posted by koko56 [334 posts]
8th August 2012 - 13:32


A mate of mine recently brought round a full carbon black Raleigh for my opinion, it was fully Ultegra equipped, even down to the pedals, all for the amazing price of £1,000.00. He bought this from his LBS, he was over the moon, I was overly jealous. The moral is, support your local bike shop.


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posted by antonio [1037 posts]
8th August 2012 - 17:23


They're not competing with the Cube Agree GTC Race! The Cube is better spec'd for the money and lighter.

posted by Mostyn [407 posts]
9th August 2012 - 15:52