Memorial service planned for Dan Harris who was hit by Olympic coach in East London

The girlfriend of a man killed by an Olympic media coach while cycling home from work has paid tribute to "the love of my life" on Twitter.

Cecilia Dominici, who lived with Dan Harris, 28, posted a black-and-white picture of the couple together on her Twitter page, with the words: “My silly English boy, the love of my life, my boo. I don’t know how to live without you.”

Mr Harris was near the Olympic Park on Wednesday night when he was involved in an incident with a Stagecoach bus carrying members of the media.

He had begun cycling to and from work due to congestion on public transport related to the Games.

A 60-year old man has been arrested in connection with the death.

Miss Dominici, who was born in Italy, works as a photographer and social media manager for MediaCom. Mr Harris was a social media expert for a printing company, Moo.com.

A statement from his colleagues today said: “We were all incredibly shocked and saddened to learn this morning about the tragic loss of one of our colleagues, our Community Manager, Dan Harris.

“Dan looked after all things social media for MOO and was a popular, entertaining and much loved member of the MOO Crew.

“There are no words that can truly express how much we’ll all miss him, and his infectious enthusiasm, warmth and passion for life.”

A memorial service for Mr Harris is planned for August 10th.

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OldRidgeback [2856 posts] 5 years ago

It is very sad - turns out he's a friend of a friend.

skippy [416 posts] 5 years ago

Last wednesday as i was cycling towards Tower Bridge , i watched a Pullman Luxury coach brush past a cyclist . He had no helmet and was on an old mtb , obviously running errands . He had no chance to catch the vehicle , but when i did , i told the driver i had recorded the incident on my helmet camera . The driver said i was wasting my time .
Gave the cyclist the vehicle details and driver description , but he said it happens all the time in that neighbourhood ! Sorry state of affairs !
SAw Police vehicles driving on the blue paint that is the Cycling Super Highway this week in Wandsworth ! If they do , then so will " Jo Public " !
Boris you can hang from a high wire but you can't deliver safe Cycling routes ! Those you have created so far are pathetic and NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE !

Simon E [3207 posts] 5 years ago
skippy wrote:

i told the driver i had recorded the incident on my helmet camera . The driver said i was wasting my time .

THIS is the root cause of most of the problems relating to road safety - a careless, utterly selfish attitude to the welfare of others. Especially galling when all it takes is a moment's thought and an extra few seconds when passing someone.

You should offer to swap places - you drive past inches away at speed, or rush up behind leaning on the horn and revving the engine, see how he likes it. Or perhaps he'd like to see the grief of a family first-hand at the funeral of the poor young man who was crushed by a bus this week.