Planet X bid up and win four Jimmy Saville bikes at auction
TV personality's rides far outstrip their price guides as set by auction house...

Planet X Bikes have snapped up a few of the choicest items from the auction of Jimmy Saville's bicycle collection in Leeds.

The bikes won include a Viking Superlite racing cycle with 12 gears, which sold for £850, an Oscar Egg cycle, purchased by Sir Jimmy to replace the original on which he did the Tour of Britain in 1951, with original rider numbers worn by Sir Jimmy in the race, which sold for £2,400, a Carlton twelve gear racing cycle that sold for £800 and anothe Viking Superlite that sold for £800, according to the catalogue.

Brant from Shedfire, who designs Planet X bikes, wrote on his blog: "We kept this a bit quiet, but Planet X have won the auctions for the following Jimmy Saville items this morning.

"We'll be displaying his bikes at our showroom in Rotherham, just of J34 of the M1, next to Magna Sheffield."

The Planet X boys were obviously superkeen for these bikes; as we reported a few weeks ago, the bikes were listed with price guides of £200 to £300 each, with the most expensive being the Oscar Egg at £400 to £600. Bidding must have been tough!


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Vic Brown [42 posts] 3 years ago

There were some great classic bikes in that auction. It's a good job Sir Jimmy was a few inches taller than me, otherwise I would have found it hard not to bid on one.

Now then, now then, look after them boys and girls!

Gkam84 [9042 posts] 3 years ago

At least it wasn't them who outbid me on the Raleigh Titanium as I had £600 on it, it went for £850 and the Bartali signature which I had £120 on went for £150 I think  20

Pauldmorgan [215 posts] 3 years ago

Oops, probably not worth so much now...

notfastenough [3655 posts] 3 years ago

Oof, the power of hindsight eh?!