The and theCOLLARBONE Olympic photo challenge

We want your pictures of tomorrow's big race - even if you're not there

by Simon_MacMichael   July 27, 2012  

Since Bradley Wiggins won the Tour, it's fair to say that all eyes will be on London and Surrey for the Olympic road race this weekend. And we want to see the race through your eyes.

Now, is teaming up with theCOLLARBONE to crowdsource a photo story of the Olympic road race - inviting the thousands of cyclists and photographers out there to contribute their photos.

theCOLLARBONE is an iPad photo magazine of pro-peloton reportage, featuring photo collections shot in and around WorldTour races by some of the cycling world's best photographers. But for the Olympics, the idea is to open up the brief to everyone. Some examples of it's appoach are in the gallery above - there are a lot more on its tumblr feed.

If you're at the race (or even if you're not), we want to see your pictures of it. It doesn't matter if you've got a Leica or a cameraphone: if you think the picture's good enough, send it to, with a title and a caption (not more than 100 words). You can be as creative with your images and words as you like.

The final collection for theCOLLARBONE will be edited by Paul Sanders, cyclist, theCOLLARBONE photographer and former picture editor at the Times. It will be available on the app for free download, and will also appear on, with a feature explaining the choices made and we will also feature selections of shots in the run up to that final selection being made.

Take your positions on Box Hill, the Mall, or even on your sofa at home, and get snapping.