Odds slashed on Bradley Wiggins to be knighted following Tour de France win

Sir Chris Hoy adds his voice to calls for first British Tour winner's achievement to get official recognition

by Simon_MacMichael   July 24, 2012  

Bradley Wiggins punches the air after winning TdF stage 19 TT and the race ©Photosport Internatinal

The odds on Bradley Wiggins to be knighted in the New Year’s Honours List have shortened considerably since he became the first British winner of the Tour de France yesterday, according to the online betting odds comparison site, Oddschecker. Sir Chris Hoy, knighted after winning three gold medals in Beijing four years ago, is among those calling for the honour to be bestowed on the Team Sky rider.

Oddschecker's latest showing of odds on Wiggins hearing the words “Arise, Sir Bradley…” reveals that they have come in from 6/1 to approaching even money, according to the latest updates on the website – one bookmaker has him at 6/4, another at 5/4. Should he win time trial gold in London a week on Wednesday, you’d imagine he’d be odds-on.

Wiggins, whose Olympic career began with helping Great Britain clinch bronze in the team pursuit in Sydney in 2000, was named an OBE after winning individual pursuit gold at Athens in 2004, where he also clinched team pursuit silver and Madison bronze.

At Beijing, he won two gold medals in the individual and team pursuits to take his tally to three. Hoy, who won kilo gold in Athens, has four, plus a bronze. Both appear on track to take their personal tallies to seven at London, making them Great Britain’s most successful Olympians in terms of medals won.

Speaking to the media as he was named Great Britain’s flag carrier for Friday’s opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium, Hoy was asked if he felt Wiggins, too, should receive a knighthood.

“Any accolades or honours that come his way will be fully deserved,” said the Scot, quoted on Telegraph.co.uk.

“We keep mentioning golden eras, and after Beijing we thought that was as good as things could be, but to have this success in a truly global event such as the Tour de France is remarkable.

“I’ve known Bradley since he was 16 and have seen him go through the ranks to be a champion in every ­single facet of the sport that he has participated in.

“There’s a side to Bradley you don’t always see, very humorous. He’s a fun guy to be with, but he leads from the front, he can produce the goods.

“He decided he wanted to be Tour de France champion. He is hugely talented, and I think the public have warmed to the way he handled himself and performed for three weeks.

“Any day something could go wrong, a crash, a puncture, and your dream is over. But he produced three weeks of perfect racing in the toughest conditions.

“We are still pinching ourselves at what he and the team have achieved. In the cycling camp, things could not be going much better, training-wise and morale.”

“Cycling has received a huge profile boost and hopefully we can continue that in Olympics. Hopefully it will get even more popular in the UK. We could have so many positives, not just for Olympics, but for the health of the nation and reducing congestion. I hope that can continue.”

One word of caution, however. Given that the Yeomen of the Guard, better known as Beefeaters, are in attendance at investitures, and seeing some of the mutton chop whiskers sported among their number, there’s a chance that the sideburn-sporting Wiggins might get ideas and take to the road with some even more spectacular facial hair in 2013.

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SPOTY at the very least!


posted by FATBEGGARONABIKE [723 posts]
24th July 2012 - 7:31


Wonder if his views have changed since this piece from no less a news source that 'The People'..

BRADLEY WIGGINS insists the prospect of a knighthood appeals to him about as much as a flat pint of bitter and a stale bag of pork scratchings.

posted by Niall [38 posts]
24th July 2012 - 8:27


SPOTY would be good but 2 cyclists in a row? It will be some good but not outstanding runner or even worse a tennis player

posted by mattsccm [310 posts]
24th July 2012 - 8:44


It would be ace to see 2 cyclists in a row and would really highlight how the sport is on the rise in the UK, but I can see Mattsccm's point. Thing is, Brad and the team have been consistent since the start of the season and won so much that is worthwhile, but in the mind of Joe public, he's probably just popped up to win the tour.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3709 posts]
24th July 2012 - 9:25


I dare say the rest of the team will be well chuffed if Wiggins gets a gong.

Je vie dans l'espoir constant

Strathlubnaig's picture

posted by Strathlubnaig [115 posts]
24th July 2012 - 11:39


As long as Lesley Garrett doesn't sing at the ceremony....

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

Cooks's picture

posted by Cooks [523 posts]
24th July 2012 - 11:45


That was indeed the worst bit of the 'awards' bit on Sunday. The best being Wiggo taking the mic and saying "We are now going to give out the prizes for the raffle". Genius.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3709 posts]
24th July 2012 - 13:03


Cooks wrote:
As long as Lesley Garrett doesn't sing at the ceremony....

Yes, a bit odd, that. At least Brad was his best funny self....! Smile


posted by doc [167 posts]
24th July 2012 - 16:18


It would be nice if Brad did what that other great national treasure Alan Bennett as done and turn down a nighthood. If I'd won the TDF - joining the same club as Philip Green and Brucie would seem a bit pointless to me...

Silly me. You're probably right....

MercuryOne's picture

posted by MercuryOne [1197 posts]
24th July 2012 - 23:51


Who cares about that other stuff.


two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1436 posts]
25th July 2012 - 10:27


Agree with the comments re Lesley Garrett above. That performance from her was truly awful and I'm sure Brad was wincing at one point

posted by Sadly Biggins [271 posts]
25th July 2012 - 11:49


A knighthood? Sod that, Wiggo for Prez!

Seriously, when Lance Armstrong retired the first time, in 2005, he was widely tipped for the Governorship of Texas, with an eye on a possible run at the White House. He probably didn't want it, and the skeletons in his closet probably preclude it, but it was an option. In contrast, the most that Bradley Wiggins can aspire to in this country is to have some German bint tap him on his shoulders with a sword, and for people to call him "Sir Wadley of Briggins" or something. That, to me, is sad.

He might reject it but, unlike Alan Bennett, he is an employee of a commercial entity, which like all such organisations these days is ruled by publicists. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a clause in Wiggins's contract that says he must accept any honour offered to him, and must mention Sky and IG Markets at least five times when interviewed outside the palace.

posted by handlebarcam [545 posts]
25th July 2012 - 19:06


Wiggins for Pope!

posted by Cauld Lubter [126 posts]
26th July 2012 - 14:14


Why is this a 'top story' today?!
Everyone knows Sir Bradley Wiggins now.

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer, I spat out Plath and Pinter.

bikeboy76's picture

posted by bikeboy76 [1755 posts]
7th May 2013 - 23:03


Counter resets to zero once a day, so for a very brief time after you do sometimes get the odd random old story topping the pile... suspect it sometimes depends on what people are searching for at the time and a story finishing high in Google results. They usually drop off the list quickly.

Simon_MacMichael's picture

posted by Simon_MacMichael [9385 posts]
7th May 2013 - 23:42


ps Search on "Bradley Wiggins odds" and this story is fifth result on Google... I suspect after losing a little time in Giro today, some people were checking whether they could get some decent value.

Simon_MacMichael's picture

posted by Simon_MacMichael [9385 posts]
7th May 2013 - 23:45