Whose tail was WAGging after stage 11 (sorry) and did you pick the break on Friday?

A couple of days to catch up on thanks to a bit of forgetfulness in the office, but let's have a look how everyone got on on stages 11 and 12.

La Toussuire! High drama! Attacks! Evans dropped! Erm, WAGs! Anyway, You needed Rolland in your squad. The second win in as many stages for Europcar and a massive haul of 82 points. kakashi also had Sorensen (42), Kessiakoff (47), Kiryenka (33) and Wiggins (28) for a grand total of 232, fifth best stage score all year. so it's kakashi who walks away with the Bryton Rider 20 GPS from that stage.

Stage 12 was a proper transition stage with the peloton (finally) happy to let the break stay out and contest the win. Millar took it from Peraud in the end.

Bearded Clams won this one by a country mile, fully 52 points ahead of the next team. Millar, Peraud and Kiserlovski made up the lion's share of the points; three out of a break of five isn't half bad. User boywoolner wins a PowerBar Bumper Load pack worth £73.

Team Mandy are in the overall lead now, just eight points ahead of EPO breaks with a sizeable gap back to Alex's Rouleurs in third. Still a long way to go though. The tide has turned a bit in the purists: cavalry trouser tips, long time leaders, are down to fourth and the lead has been assumed by Wigging it thanks to Kiserlovski's 66 points yesterday.

Today you could score a Cateye Green Strada Wireless Limited Edition computer worth £49 if you win the stage: good luck!

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