The day the break stayed out... did you have anoyone in it?

Well, that'll teach us to call Tommy Voeckler a 'damp squib' in our rest day round-up - he's gone from zero points to 72 in the space of one Tour de France stage, the highest single score by a rider thus far. Only just over 100 teams fancied him on the day, and one of those was Gregario. What's more, they backed him up with Jens Voigt and Luis Leon Sanchez. And, of course, they had Gorka Izagirre, who helped out again, this time by virtue of rolling in dead last.

That made for a 173-point haul, which was enough to take the stage yesterday. ThisisAye rolled in second on 170, and the Jens Voigts of the day were Watsons Wobblers on 167.

So it's user gkalbs who walks away with the schwag from yesterday, a Minoura W3100 Workstand worth £149. Not bad. Today's prize is another Bryton GPS unit, the rather splendid Rider 20 pictured above and worth £99. If you want to know what it's like, well we reviewed it not so long back.

In the overall standings BoredMan still tops the table on 1,285, 11 points ahead of EPO breaks. Purists? cavalry trouser tips still.

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