Improved bars get improved recipe and smaller

Torq's energy bars, first introduced in 2004 and the product that launched the company, have been improved with a revised recipe. There's also new packaging and they're now a smaller size.

Smaller size? Torq have decreased the size of the new bars from 65g to 45g. This has been done for a very good reason though, as now with 30g of of carbohydrate, the bars offer the same energy contents as a Torq gel or 500ml energy drink.

This allows Torq to launch their Fuelling System, a concept intended to make fuelling for endurance cycling easier. During exercise your carbohydrate intake should be 60-90 grams per hour, irrespective of the weather conditions and perspiration rates. With each Torq bar, gel or 500ml energy drink providing 30g each, you can see how it's easy to combine the products in a way that suits you or the conditions to get the correct amount of energy into the body.

To try and dispel some of the confusion in the world of energy products, Torq have taken steps to simplify matters. Describing each product as one unit, and two-three units being optimum during exercise, you can easily choose how to feed. If it's hot you will want to drink more fluid, so two units of energy drink. If it's cooler when you'll sweat less, you can use bars and gels more. There's more detailed information on the Torq website.

The recipe for the bars has been refined too. We tried them out over the weekend at a mountain bike race and noticed a fuller richer flavour, added crunch and they're moister as well, all combining to make them tastier and easier to digest when you're cycling. The bars are now all Fairtrade certified, with the exception of the Organic Mango bar which has been certified organic by the Soil Association.

Available now from www.torqfitness.co.uk

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headfirst [82 posts] 5 years ago

My wallet can only afford 1 'unit' an hour at best!  2 2

Hamster [109 posts] 5 years ago

My inner cyclic suggests this is a disguised price rise.

Simon E [3204 posts] 5 years ago

Torq have admitted that the price of ingredients has risen (here). The bars are Fairtrade certified now, though they always used fairly traded fruit before. I think they are as good as anything out there and Matt is a thoroughly decent chap. If it's any consolation I noticed that 4-pack Snickers have shrunk to 40g instead of 63g but they haven't chopped 1/3 off the price of those either.