Friday Schwag Grab, Genetic pedals: we have winners!

Shiny pedals for your track bike: did you win?

by Dave Atkinson   August 7, 2009  

Genetic Track Pro pedals

Tiffin has been taken, chins wiped and the randomator fired up. This week we asked it to pick six of y'all to walk away with a shiny pair of Genetic Track Pro pedals and it duly obliged. so step forward...

and duncan. Sorry, and jamesfifield

Congrats to the lucky winners! get in touch with your address and top three choices of colour and we'll sort everyone out. Sorry to those that missed out. Like public transport on the continent, you can rely on there being another Schwag Grab along on time. Like public transport in this country, it'll be next week before you can catch another one though.

Here's the original post...

We tested the Genetic Track Pro pedals last week and we were impressed: they're good quality flat units that have an appeal far beyond the track. And thanks to our friends at Ison Distribution we've got six pairs worth £29.99 each to give away. There's one pair in each colour – silver, black, gold, blue, purple and red – and they'll look the part on everything from a classic racer (add leather clips and straps to taste) to an urban fixer.

Want some? all you have to do is comment below and you're in the hat. Usual rules apply: please no multiple posts, and we'll make the draw as we take tiffin on Friday. If you fancy a specific colour then let us know in your comment; no guarantees though as it's all random and, of course, everyone will want purple...

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Whatever colour you have would look so cool on my chrome fixie..Pleeease


bicycleworld's picture

posted by bicycleworld [26 posts]
5th August 2009 - 10:31

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Cool colours, anyone would be nice

posted by tkmax [2 posts]
5th August 2009 - 11:24

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B) Really cool pedals - yes please.

gscarter's picture

posted by gscarter [13 posts]
5th August 2009 - 11:39


Big Grin I need to be in it to win it! Not fussy but the blue look good!

posted by gazedo82 [31 posts]
5th August 2009 - 12:12


That's an expensive set of pedals, probably worth more than my bike. But I'd still like a pair, maybe give them to my wife, she'd like the colours.


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posted by kaz [29 posts]
5th August 2009 - 12:50

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these are so prurty they would be the dog's dangly bits for my fixie!
thanks 'n' fingers crossed! Big Grin


Felix's picture

posted by Felix [112 posts]
5th August 2009 - 15:49

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yes please, silver would be very much appriciated.

Rookie rider

posted by dave6779 [36 posts]
5th August 2009 - 16:28


Purple or gold would be phenomenal please.

posted by bicyclekicks [12 posts]
5th August 2009 - 17:35


Put me down for a blue pair

posted by megan1 [16 posts]
5th August 2009 - 20:29


Yes please, any colour!

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posted by alexlnumber1 [52 posts]
5th August 2009 - 22:15

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Me please! I have a set of pedals that are on their last legs, so this would be very handy.

posted by creepymonkey [31 posts]
5th August 2009 - 22:59

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I'll be keeping my mint Suntour XC pro ones I think. I've no need for flat pedals.

posted by the-yorkshire-p... [180 posts]
6th August 2009 - 9:53


Those would look "fantastique" on radarling#1's bike.

But winning twice would appear rude.

posted by radar [55 posts]
6th August 2009 - 10:48


Well I'm in it to win it - but I don't know if I will Sad

posted by CotterPin [64 posts]
6th August 2009 - 17:31


My old Dawes could do with a foot (face lift) so the new pedals would be just the job.

posted by Iggles [1 posts]
6th August 2009 - 17:42

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Silver would look sterling thanks.

vtwenty3's picture

posted by vtwenty3 [29 posts]
6th August 2009 - 19:19

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If I had the chance to win anything then pop me the pair that nobody wants and I'll have them thanks Wink

Otherwise nice pedals.

Zaskar's picture

posted by Zaskar [137 posts]
6th August 2009 - 19:34

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Ooh - rainbow pedals!

posted by woollee23 [97 posts]
6th August 2009 - 19:44


They look rather spiffing, please can I have a pair?

demoff's picture

posted by demoff [344 posts]
6th August 2009 - 20:27

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What time is tiffin time ?

Surfing Sloth

posted by surfing sloth [5 posts]
6th August 2009 - 21:36

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Gentlemen take tiffin at about 4pm… we scoff ours about 3.30 though

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
6th August 2009 - 21:46

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im always on for a freebie.

posted by mrchrispy [414 posts]
6th August 2009 - 23:45

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Silver or black for me please as I am quite the traditionalist.

posted by jman1970 [2 posts]
7th August 2009 - 8:18


Sure are pretty Smile

posted by Wolf04 [71 posts]
7th August 2009 - 8:24


Nice pair of silver ones to go with my bike! Nerd

posted by sdeacon [31 posts]
7th August 2009 - 8:31


ooo shiny things

posted by wildrnes [16 posts]
7th August 2009 - 8:38


The pair in the photo would be perfect for the two odd pairs of shoes I have at home Big Grin

posted by Kym [1 posts]
7th August 2009 - 10:06



Can I have some please? Can I?


posted by vdubber67 [8 posts]
7th August 2009 - 10:50


Can I have some invisible ones for my invisible (But soon appearing) road bike please?

jobysp's picture

posted by jobysp [145 posts]
7th August 2009 - 12:58


Any colour as long as there is a left and a right

Allez oop

manonabike's picture

posted by manonabike [19 posts]
7th August 2009 - 15:50