Jason Falconer in hospital in Poole with severe head injuries

A bike campaigner in Poole who is fighting for his life following a head-on collision has had been inundated with messages of support.

Jason Falconer, who for the last four years has been Bournemouth’s Sustrans Bike It Officer, promoting cycling and road safety in schools, has serious head injuries after a collision with a car that was turning right as he descended Constitution Hill Road on Friday morning.

Mr Falconer has been transferred to Southampton Hospital’s neurological unit, where he remains in a critical condition.

John Hayter, of Dorset Cycling Network, told the Bournemouth Echo: “Jason has always been a very sensible rider.

“Everyone at the network is very distressed to hear he has had this accident.

“We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back out on his bike as soon as possible.”

Jason is the second cycle campaigne from the area to suffer serious head injuries while cycling  in the area in the last year; in October we reported how the chairman of Southampton Cycling Campaign, Lindsi Bluemel, was landed in Poole hospital with life-threatening head injuries after an incident in Bournemouth.

Last we heard, she was back at home and ready to get back on her bike.

In his Bike It officer profile Mr Falconer said: “My Dad put me on a bike when I was six, and although I could hardly reach the pedals, the absolute thrill and dynamism of cycling captivated me then and has held me ever since.”

After an unpromising start, having to be bribed by her parents to learn to ride without stabilisers, Sarah became rather keener on cycling in her university years, and was eventually persuaded to upgrade to proper road cycling by the prospect of a shiny red Italian bike, which she promptly destroyed by trapping a pair of knickers in the rear derailleur. Sarah writes about about cycling every weekend on road.cc.


DCRider [19 posts] 5 years ago

Very sad and best wishes to his family. Hopefully he will improve.
As it is stated as a 'head on' it reminded me of an near incident while riding in the Peterborough Cycling Club's Wide Ride Sportive yesterday. While myself and 2 others were cycling single file, two cars overtook us risking a head on collision with 5 other cyclist coming in the opposite direction. All to avoid slowing down slightly and loosing a few seconds.

paulfg42 [392 posts] 5 years ago

No arrest for the driver who caused the 'accident'?

antonio [1162 posts] 5 years ago

Just hope he pulls through ok.

fatbeggaronabike [849 posts] 5 years ago

Hope he gets better soon. I also wonder what will happen about the car driver (yet another SMIDSY, sun was in my eyes, etc etc)

mrcheerful [6 posts] 5 years ago

According to other reports this was NOT a head on collision, the cyclist struck the rear corner of the car, which from the description turned across the cyclist who was descending a hill at high speed. The car was being driven by an elderly woman.