Tell us what your favourite kind of ride is and you could walk off with a bundle of Vulpine goodies...

We asked to to come on over and tell us what your favourite kind of ride is. And you did, in your hundreds! Obviously the carrot of a bag of Vulpine goodies was on hand to get your creative juices throwing. It's a carrot that can only be eaten by one lucky rabbit though. And by "carrot", "eaten" and "rabbit" we mean "prize", "won" and "reader". I think we're all glad that rather tortured metaphor is over.

Anyway, on to the prize giving. We fired up the random-o-tron and picked one lucky winner for the gilet, jersey and t-shirt. And that lucky winner is DonnyCampo! Their favourite kind of a ride? "Cornish hills, quiet roads, warm sun, with a mid-ride saffron cake and a cappucino." Sounds splendid. And next time they're perusing the cake list for saffrony sustenance, they'll be doing it in some nice new threads. Hurrah.

These are fun, these Vulpine giveaways. For that reason we'll be doing another one soon. Stay tuned!


We promised you another Vulpine schwag and here it is! This time there's lots more top quality clothing goodies up for grabs. Our winner will be walking away wearing a Vulpine Cotton Visibility Gilet AND a Vulpine Merino Jersey AND a Vulpine Merino T-Shirt. Not bad, eh?

We're fans of Vulpine's range of stylish, performance oriented clothing round here: it's technical enough to meet the demands of almost any form of cycling, yet casual enough to work off the bike in equally demanding social environments. Even better when it's free...

Just like last time it's a comment-to-enter affair, and this time the question is...

What is your favourite kind of ride?

Answers on a comment below! We'll pick a winner at random next Wednesday. Usual schwag grab rules apply. Good luck!

To find out more about Vulpine visit their website www.vulpine.cc and for the Vulpine view on what's going to happen at the Tour next week visit their blog.

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