Greipel bags another stage on the road and it's all change at the top of the Fantasy standings...

Greipel turned the tables on Cav yesterday; on a day when Sky were the team doing the leading out it was the German who took the spoils. Cav ran in fifth, with Goss and Haedo filling the day's podium slots.

Team Eaton Breakaway had the 1-2-3 for the day, backed up by a free-scoring Peter Sagan (the highest-grossing rider thus far in the Tour) and some handy breakaway points from Ladagnous. That and Morkov's five for being in the polka dots added up to 164, which was enough to take the stage ahead of robgruschke and Marple Grimpeurs, both on 158. So it's Mattegg who wins the day's stage prize of a Cateye Yellow Strada Wireless Limited Edition computer worth £49. Well done to him.

In the overall silas chime's stint at the top was short-lived, with Leipheimer not weeks bunnyhoppying them to go top by just one point on 786. cavalry trouser tips have finally surrendered the lead in the purists' league too, at least for now... whatnobeer are the new leaders on 642 points.

Today's stage prize is an Etxeondo Gizon Jersey (Blue) worth £69 - good luck everyone!

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