Cav wheel-hops his way to victory

Well it was certainly a day for picking Mark Cavendish. In spite of the fact that the Eurosport commentators said he looked grumpy, and in spite of the fact that he had no lead out at all, the Manxman hopped from wheel to wheel until he was sitting behind Greipel and then took the German in the drag race to the line. That, combined with a sixth place in the intermediate sprint and some green jersey points, meant a haul of 49 points for the stage winner.

Peter Sagan didn't do too badly either, picking up points for all sorts of stuff and ending up with 37, and Matt Goss netted 39 in total. Those three were the backbone of Team Harmony's winning squad, with Van Hummel, Boeckmans and Impey weighting in too for a grand total of 152. Not the highest, but then the scores are never huge when it's not the GC contenders doing the stage winning...

So it's user veronica who wins the stage prize of a Zefal Xtra Light Carbon Mini Pump worth £49. Overall Balham Bicycle Club jumped eight places to take the overall lead on 406 points. It's still cavalry trouser tips heading up the purists.

Today's stage prize is a CamelBak Podium 6-Bottle Bumper Pack worth £62. You'll never want for a bottle again! That is, until all your mates nick them. Bumpy today, also wet and windy... could be a shake-up in the GC? We'll find out later. Good luck!

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