Trio to cover 51 police headquarters in just three weeks

The winner of the famous yellow jersey from this year's Tour de France may have been decided but the excitement in the UK is about to begin with the start of Tour de Force.

This Friday Dominic Chambers, manager of the only national police children's charity, Child Victims of Crime, trustee Ronny Carey and Matt Ferguson, the CVOC National RFU Tag Rugby Development Officer, will be cycling to every single police headquarters throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

They will be cycling to raise awareness of the charity and its objectives and also highlight the value of police officers working within this field, with the added hope of generating significant funds through individual forces holding fundraising events.

Tour De Force is the first ever cycling event of its kind and will start from Norfolk Police headquarters on Friday. The event has been named the Tour De Force for its similarities with the Tour de France, taking roughly the same time and covering roughly the same distance. The longest day is 154 miles, with most legs over 100 miles.

Dominic said: “It was an idea by me and when I said it one of the trustees jumped on it and said I should do it. I was never keen on cycling before but since the training I’m really enjoying it.”

Dominic has the benefit of being trained by Gary Foord, whose career as a professional cyclist took him on the Mountain Bike World Cup circuit and then to the Atlanta Olympics.

The trio aim to finish their tour of the 51 police forces in England, Wales and Scotland on Sunday, August 23.

Child Victims of Crime is the only National Police Children's Charity and was founded by the British Police Rugby Section. Its purpose is to support children whose lives have been affected by crime and if you would like to support visit www.cvoc.org.uk