Fantasy Cycling: TDF stage 1 results

Who's the pick of the prologuers and walking off with a Bryton GPS? Find out here...

by Dave Atkinson   July 1, 2012  

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Well Cancellara and Wiggo topped out as widely predicted, but below that there were a few surprises. How did you get on?

Top of the pile for Yesterday's prologue was team Oi, no Coppi-ing - 164 points is a great haul for a prologue; those points came from the top two plus Van Garderen, Gretsch and Lancaster. Obviously what with it being the first stage and all, Aimless King is top of the overall league too. Oh, and the purist league.

So it's Aimless King who gets the first stage prize, a Bryton Rider 50 GPS computer worth £199. Today's stage could net you an Altura Classic Long Sleeve Jersey (Red) worth £49. Good luck!