Money to be spent creating new routes and extending existing ones

Good news for the people of Burnley - an extra £150,000 is being invested in cycle infrastructure to make sure that students and workers can get safely around town.

This is Lancashire reports that four key schemes will receive council cash. 

£25,0000 will be spent on providing a link across Pollard Moor, from the Burnley Bridge Business Park, to Manchester Road in Hapton.

The council also plans to spend £56,000 to extend routes from the Padiham Greenway to Simonstone and Altham.

Other initiatives would include £40,000 allocated to upgrading a footpath from Shuttleworth Mead to Higham, making it usable by both riders and walkers.

The remaining money will be earmarked for minor improvements such as providing guard rails and barriers along parts of various pathways.

Coun Shah Hussain, the council’s executive member for community services, said: “By creating a network of safe, off-road routes we are making it safer and easier for people to use pedal power to get to and from work, or just as a leisure activity.”

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