It's nearly Tour de France time: get in the mood with one of these tees from howies...

Everyone loves a free tee. well, 675 of you do anyway. But we only had three to give away, and the clever people at www.random.org have picked the following lucky chancers:

russyparkin, prinzi and jay27!

Well done you three - unlucky if you missed out but there's another (nutrition related) schwag coming very soon, stay tuned...


Schwag time everyone! We've teamed up with those nice chaps at howies to give you the chance to win one of their Tour de France inspired tees! The Rest Less design is available in the three major Tour jerseys, depending on whether you're supporting Wiggo for yellow, Cav for green or, erm... someone else. For the polka dots.

We've got one of each to give away! to enter simply state which one you want in a comment below, and what size too. We'll pick the winners next Wednesday, 20 June, around tiffin time, if we remember. Usual schwag grab rules apply, good luck!

To see howies' great selection of tees, including these ones, pop over to their web store...

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