Shimano release 2013 Dura-Ace Di2 and Dura Ace 9000 Series details...

...confirming that the electronic version is lighter than mechanical for the first time

by Mat Brett   June 11, 2012  

Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070 - rear mech

Shimano have released the official weights for both the mechanical and electronic versions of their 2013 Dura-Ace groupset, each of which has had a major redesign, confirming that the electronic Di2 option is the lighter of the two for the first time.

Although the Di2 derailleurs are heavier than the mechanical alternatives, the dual control levers are 128g lighter giving the electronic system a 25g lower overall weight. Up until now, Di2 users have been at a slight weight disadvantage.

Dura-Ace will become an 11-speed system for 2013, the 9000 Series mechanical version, which we were lucky enough to try out in Belgium a few weeks ago, featuring much lighter shifting than previously.

The Dura-Ace Di2 system has been totally revamped for 2013, the 9070 series electronics coming into line with those of Shimano’s second tier Ultegra Di2 groupset.

Here are the weights in full:



Chainset (FC-9000) 683g

Front & rear brake callipers (BR-9000) 297g

Cassette sprockets (CS-9000) 166g

Chain (CN-9000) 243g

Rear derailleur (RD-9000) 158g

Front derailleur (FD-9000) 66g

Left & right dual control levers (ST-9000) 365g

Total weight 1,978g

Total weight with cables 2,072g

DURA-ACE 9070 Di2

Chainset (FC-9000) 683g

Front & rear brake callipers (BR-9000) 297g

Cassette sprockets (CS-9000) 166g

Chain (CN-9000) 243

Rear derailleur (RD-9070) 217g

Front derailleur (FD-9070) 114g

Left & right dual control levers (ST-9070) 237g

Total weight 1,957g

Total weight with wiring and internal battery (SM-BTR2) 2,047g

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I guess the Di2 is a little heavier with an external battery?

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1449 posts]
11th June 2012 - 11:00


I do wonder how much these will cost Thinking

slightly more aerodynamic than a brick

HarveyMorcombe's picture

posted by HarveyMorcombe [48 posts]
11th June 2012 - 16:33


Cost wise is this just a kidney, as opposed to the Super Record Eps being both kidneys a lung and half a liver!?!?! Big Grin

Do like that chain set though!!

posted by Wookster [59 posts]
11th June 2012 - 23:02