Gatorade offers chance to win Team Sky Green Bottles... and releases bidon's eye view film (+ video)

100 signed bidons as used on forthcoming Tour de France up for grabs in sports drink brand's promo

by Simon_MacMichael   June 8, 2012  

Gatorade Team Sky Green Bottle

Team Sky and Gatorade are giving fans the chance to win one of 100 bidons that will be used in the forthcoming Tour de France, signed by riders taking part in the race. The sports drink brand, owned by PepsiCo, has also released a quirky video starring Team Sky rider Alex Dowsett and one of the distinctive green bottles the British outfit uses.

To enter the competition, you first need to get your mitts on a free Team Sky Green Bottle that Gatorade is giving away with the purchase of a 350g canister or 12 ‘stix’ of Gatorade 02 Perform Powder. You can search for stockists by postcode via the Gatorade website, or simply buy online there.

The website also has full details of how to enter that competition, for which you’ll need the nine-digit code that you’ll find inside that free bottle.

As for that video, here's a bidon's eye view of how it is picked up and used before being tossed aside by Team Sky's Dowsett. Like many team's these days, Sky's bottles are biodegradable... although of course during races, many are picked up as souvenirs by eager fans.

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nice - but did he crash?

I can see the other guy taking a fall all right, but it looks like the team Sky rider goes down too, at the end?

PJ McNally's picture

posted by PJ McNally [600 posts]
8th June 2012 - 10:10


Nah, he just chucked the bidon.

posted by DaveC [45 posts]
9th June 2012 - 16:23