Slovenian artists' collective customise 20 old bikes (+ gallery + video)

Work commissioned by mobile phone company... because bicycles are 'mobile devices' too (geddit!?)

by Simon_MacMichael   June 6, 2012  

A group of young artists in Slovenia have breathed new life into 20 old bicycles by transforming them into unique works of art that can still do what they were designed to do – get ridden by people.

The artists, who belong to the Multpraktik Collective, took ten days to complete the project which had been commissioned by local mobile phone company Orto – the link, so far as we can work out, is that bicycles and cellphones are both ‘mobile devices.’

Orto has a page on its website dedicated to the project with pictures and background on all of the bikes – Google Translate may come in useful here – which the mobile phone company has made available as competition prizes to its followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The artists involved on the project also produced a video showing some of the work they undertook to transform the bikes.

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My favourite model would be 'kolo Brixton' Cool

posted by londonbrick [25 posts]
6th June 2012 - 14:58