Everything you need to know about Vulpine's event at Balham Bowls Club on 4 June...

Bank holidays, eh? It rains. This one's a double bank holiday so you can expect it to rain really, really hard. No matter though, because no doubt you weren't going to don a bin liner and stand on a London street hoping for a glimpse of the Queen's hat. There's better things to do with a day off, And the Vulpine Cycling Fete fulfils both criteria of a good way to spend your Bank Holiday. Firstly, it's about bikes. And secondly, it has a roof.

Vulpine have just posted on their blog with the full details of the Fete on Monday, which is open from 12pm-6pm. It's at Balham Bowls Club, which looks like a pretty interesting and anachronistic kind of a place juding by the pics of the inside, such as this one:

Looks pretty smart; we're guessing it smells faintly of port and cigars. The Fete will take up both floors of the Club, including the ballroom, and there will be a number of very interesting brands in attendance including Donhou, Demon, Feather, Milk Bikes, Foffa, Freshtripe, qoroz, Kinesis, Pearson, Racer Rosa... there'll certainly be plenty to see. On top of all the shiny kit there's a big emphasis on cycling-related art and design. There's live graffiti from The Toaster, and a range of talent including Richard Mitchelson, Anthony Oram, Boneshaker mag, The Ride Journal, Andy Mackie and more. We're sending top lensman Phil Gale along to document the day too.

Don't forget that there's currently an ebay auction running, chock full of bike bits and arty stuff. All proceeds go to the Fete's two nominated charities, Wheels for Wellbeing and Rollapulza Outreach.

The Fete is open from 12pm to 6pm but the venue will remain open until late for anyone that fancies sticking around for a pint or two. Refreshments during the day will be provided by Look Mum No Hands, who are bringing their finest coffee, tea and cake, as well as a Hog Roast and two lovely original bars serving ales, wines, pork pies and more. Kids will be entertained with junior Rollapaluza Roller Racing for 5-11 year olds, as well as face painting and games on the stalls. And cake. It's easy to get to by bike (just off CS7), train (Balham mainline rail station and Balham tube station) or car (plenty of free parking nearby).

For full details of the Fete, head to the Vulpine Blog.

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