London fixie specialists introduce their own dream road frame

London's Tokyo Fixed Gear are known for fixies, as their name suggests, but they've also had a none too secret hankering for a really nice steel road frame of their own. Their new Road Rocket is that road frame and it will be available shortly for £775 or £900 with a Columbus Minimal carbon fork.

Max Lewis of Tokyo Fixed Gear told road.cc, “The frame came about simply because we wanted a serious off the peg road offering with our name on it.

“All Tokyo Fixed frames are designed by myself and the shop manager Andy. We take comments from all the shop staff though and customers. There is nothing we know of on the market right now which utilizes current steel technology like the Road Rocket (other than the Condor Super Acciaio which looks like the RR on steroids and is a bit heavier). So we took advantage of the capabilities of our factory and went ahead and produced the kind of road frame we would like to ride.”

The Road Rocket is made from “our favourite tubing: Columbus MAX chain stays and down tube, Spirit seat tube and head tube and a skinny Keirin top tube and seat stays to deliver performance in all the right places,” says Lewis.

Claimed weight is a creditable 1.7kg (3.74lb in old money), plus 360g (0.79lb) for the fork. That's light for a steel frame, which Lewis says makes it “a credible contender against titanium and carbon frames with all the comfort and durability steel brings.”

So who's it for? Lewis says the Road Rocket “is aimed at those who want a good looking / relatively high end bike which is a bit different from everything else on the market. Definitely 'sportivey'. Not aimed at commuters or as a super diverse winter bike. Similar usage to a Pegoretti or a IF Steel Crown Jewel.”

Road Rockets are 'on the water' as they say, and will be available from Tokyo Fixed Gear in mid to late June.

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