Cyclescheme staff and author Rob Penn heading to Tring from Bath in support of cancer charity

How was your commute this morning? Spare a thought for the chaps at Cyclescheme today, who have chosen to commute by bike from their office in Bath to their parent company's head office in Tring. That's a 100 mile ride, and there's a big bunch of them on the road already. They're joined by author Rob Penn, and the aim is to raise £5,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

There's a range of experience among the Cyclescheme staff on the road today; while some of them are accomplished riders with decades of experience, others are newcomers who'll be doing their longest ever ride today. Their nominated charity is Marie Curie Cancer Care, who make home care a possibility for thousands of seriously ill patients and their families every year. They do that through the Marie Curie Nursing service, which provides free high quality hands-on care to patients in their own homes, along with vital emotional support for their families. It's a very worthy cause, so why not head over to their JustGiving page and bung them a few quid to help them reach their target. Thanks!

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