London youngster reunited with stolen bike in time to star at National RTTC Champs

Met's Cycle Task Force help rising star shine over 10 miles by getting his bike back

by Tony Farrelly   May 22, 2012  

Cycle Task Force Inspector Peter Salter reunites Steve Jensen with the stolen bike

Yesterday we reported on the sad story of a Cheltenham family who had £20,000 worth of bicycles stolen at the weekend - today we're able to report the rather happier tale of teenage cyclist George Mew Jensen who was last week reunited with his £3,000 Storck Fenomanalist in time for him to win his age group for the 10 mile time trial at the RTTC National Champs on Sunday.

George who is a dedicated and successful junior racer was able to buy the Fenomanalist frame with a grant from Tower Hamlets council on his 13th birthday – he had spent two years saving the pocket money and prize money needed for the kit to build it up.

Disaster struck for George on 5th of May when his bike was stolen from the Redbridge Cycling Centre at Hog Hill - despite a poster and media appeal by his family the bike appeared to be gone.

George's luck turned when Essex police, acting on information from the Met's Cycle Task Force, seized a van seen leaving Hog Hill with George's bike in the back. They didn't get the bike, but a few days later acting on further information officers from the Cycle Task Force seized another van in Islington which did contain the stolen machine.

George was reunited with his bike on Thursday. Commenting on the outcome of the case, Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, Safer Transport Command, said: "The Cycle Task Force is dedicated to tackling cycle theft across London and we are delighted to be able to return Georg's bike back, especially in time for his important competition on Sunday.

"Bike thieves should be aware that we will use the full powers of the law and range of tactics to track them down and bring them before the courts."

And not only was the bike's return good news for George as a result of his family's efforts BBC radio presenter Robert Elms and Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet had heard about his plight and raised £700 towards buying George a replacement bike - that money will now go to improving cycle security at Hog Hill.

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Great news, although can't help noticing that the bike in the pic doesn't appear to be a TT bike, which I presumed he would be using if riding at that level?

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3646 posts]
22nd May 2012 - 18:38

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I thought the same about the TT bike, but there is nothing saying what kind of TT it was, You see the pro's using road bikes with some clip on bars quite often these days unless its pan flat

Good news though and well done for Elms and Kemp raising some cash Big Grin

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posted by Gkam84 [9239 posts]
22nd May 2012 - 19:36

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Great news and certainly worth of a story. Its not often the police do anything, let alone reunite a bike with its owner.

not all carbon is the same.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
22nd May 2012 - 20:16

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Jon Burrage wrote:
Its not often the police do anything, let alone reunite a bike with its owner.

In all fairness, I think the Met are putting considerably more effort into tackling bike theft than before. A huge number of bikes are recovered, but of those almost 80 - 90% of them never get returned to their owners. Many people don't know the serial number of their bike, which means that it can't be positively identified as theirs.

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posted by mr-andrew [303 posts]
23rd May 2012 - 8:16


A happy story then and good to hear that the Met is finally taking cycle theft rather more seriously than in the past - when the rather nice suspension forks were stolen from my mountain bike quite a few years ago the interest level from the police in tackling the crime was zero. I knew who had done it and rather than assembling a vigilante force of colleagues I asked the cops at Southwark Police Station to intervene but they did precisely nothing. The police would not even give me a crime number and by the time the vigilante force had then been mustered, my belongings had vanished. I wasn't able to claim insurance and the fact that the forks were not cheap still makes me feel somewhat bitter about the pathetic lack of support from the Met at the time.


posted by OldRidgeback [2492 posts]
23rd May 2012 - 8:49

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Accuse me of being a cynic but could the police's interest and activity be down to the celebrity and media involvement?

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posted by gb901 [171 posts]
23rd May 2012 - 13:44

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gb901 wrote:
Accuse me of being a cynic but could the police's interest and activity be down to the celebrity and media involvement?

You're a cynic, but so am I and I can't help but think you're possibly right.


posted by OldRidgeback [2492 posts]
23rd May 2012 - 14:11


Gary Kemp has always been a keen cyclist. If you listen to the lyrics of 'True' they're all about successful wheel building. 'Muscle Bound' is self explanatory.... Liar

Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [1128 posts]
24th May 2012 - 7:30

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... but such a wan*er though, hanging onto the mediocrity of fame from the 80s ... quite the tw*t imo .. but back to topic, very good to see any stolen bike returned.

Mine was nicked over 10 years ago, the police recovered mine, so it can happen, nothing worse than that 'bike been nicked' feeling.

posted by Karbon Kev [682 posts]
24th May 2012 - 7:50