£15 a person if you want to be on the slopes. Or join us just down the road, for free...

LOCOG have confirmed that charges will apply to the Olympic Road Race viewing area on Box Hill. If you want to be there in person it'll cost you up to £15, or £5 for juniors and seniors.

"Tickets will be £15 full price and £5 for young people and seniors for the viewing area at Donkey Green and £10 and £5 for the viewing area at Dormouse Drive," the press release states, adding that if you want to watch the Time Trial at Hampton Court Palace then there will be charges for those tickets too, with a similar pricing structure.

The tickets for Box Hill and the TT go on sale on 29 May. There's also 1,000 contingency tickets for the finish on The Mall up for grabs; those will go on sale on 17 May.

While it's long been acknowledged that admission to the Hill would need to be limited as it's a fragile environment, it's a pity that LOCOG have apparently viewed the location as a bit of a cash cow. However, with up to 200,000 spectators expected in Surrey for the road races, there'll no doubt be plenty of demand for the tickets.

Why do that when you can do this?

However, if you'd rather spend your fifteen quid on local food and drink, at a location where you can see the race pass live, watch it on a BBC big screen and also wander round a cycle expo featuring some top cycling brands, then why not join road.cc at the Surrey Hills Road Race Festival just down the way at Denbies Vineyard, just off the A24. It's free to get in, there's secure cycle parking and there'll be cycling-related stuff going on all weekend. We'll be going on about this a lot over the next couple of months, it's going to be great. Stay tuned!

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