SRAM release chain spotter
Red design will be available separately aftermarket

The chain spotter – otherwise known as a chain catcher – that SRAM introduced as part of their new top-end Red groupset earlier in the year will soon be available to buy on its own aftermarket.

The chain spotter is integrated with SRAM’s new Red Yaw front mech, but now you’ll be able to get it separately to prevent your chain from coming off, wasting time and potentially damaging your frame.

The chain spotter is easy to install, adjust and remove without affecting the tuning of your front mech. The 2.5mm hex mounting screw fits in the 4mm hollow threaded mounting bolt of SRAM Red-2012, SRAM Red, SRAM Force, SRAM Rival and SRAM Apex braze-on front mechs (as in the picture above). If you don’t have a compatible front mech, you can fit the SRAM chain spotter with a separate clamp band.

The chain spotter will be available from 1 June at £27.99. The clamp band will come in 34.9mm and 31.8mm diameters at £29.99.

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meehaja [24 posts] 3 years ago

Is the clamp band a separate item? If so, for £57.98 it seems like an expensive bit of bent metal...

nowasps [367 posts] 3 years ago

Surely these should be part of the front mech as standard? If the chain comes off, the the equipment isn't up to the task.

pedalpowerDC [312 posts] 3 years ago

get a K-Edge!