Cav went down, Goss stepped up... what happened to your fantasy team?

We're sure there'll be plenty of people cursing Roberto Ferrari this morning after his 'spirited' sprint left Mark Cavendish with third-degree road rash and Taylor Phinney with a hole in his ankle. Matt Goss came through the carnage unscathed to take the win.

So with Cav out of the equation it got a bit harder to score, but that didn't stop Handlebar Heathens managing to rake in 201 points with a 1-2-3-4 of Goss, Haedo, Farrar and Demare as well as another five riders who all scored in double figures. Not bad at all. Balloonians-Foghoppers were second with 174 points and arrapazak third on 173.

In the overall table it's still PATHETICO ATHLETICO in front, for the third stage in a row. Handlebar Heathens have shot up to second with that big stage score yesterday, and Team NoClue are third. The purists are headed up by English Apple Season with an impressive 392 points from three stages.

So user Cordelia wins the stage prize of a Lezyne Mini Drive LED front light, courtesy of our friends at Upgrade Bikes. With a rest day today ahead of the team time trial in Verona, you've got four transfers and a whole day to mull over what to do with them. Happy picking!

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