Tern to sponsor IG London Nocturne Folding Bike Race

New folder brand backs the Smithfield Markets event

by Mat Brett   May 4, 2012  

NOCTURNE photo shoot - Tern

Urban transport specialists Tern are the new sponsor of the Folding Bike Race at the IG London Nocturne on Saturday 9 June.

The race has featured in every edition of the London Nocturne since 2007. The Tern Folding Bike Race - the Noc-Tern, if you like - will follow the same format as previous years with heats leading to a grand final around the streets of Smithfield Market. The event has a cult following and a fancy dress theme.

Each year, as the gun signals the start of the race, suited London commuters run to their bikes in a Le Mans style start, unfolding them as fast as possible to gain an edge over their rivals. The race is open to all and a quick assembly on the start line can make all the difference.

Although a new brand launched just last year, Tern has a large range of 20in, 24in, and 26in wheel folding bikes from commuters to performance machines. We reviewed the performance-orientated Verge X30h on Road.cc last month and had a look at key models from the range at the Taipei Bike Show earlier in the year.

The new partnership means entrants will be competing for one of the 2012 Tern bikes.

The Tern Folding Bike Race will be one of the highlights of the busy IG London Nocturne programme that culminates in the floodlit Elite Criterium. The event is free to attend and competitors can enter the race online at www.londonnocturne.com.